Where it all began – Brandi's Story

Biopaw was founded in 2007 and Brandi was the inspiration.

Brandi was adopted from an animal shelter in Squamish, B.C. when she was about 2 years old. Labelled a mutt by the shelter, she soon found her dignity when she was identified as a Welsh Sheepdog. Brandi’s life became adventurous: the mountains, rivers and ocean of her new home gave her opportunities to chase deer, bear, coyote and salmon.

We started feeding Brandi a raw food diet in 2001, when she was 6 years old. Upon changing to this diet she experienced an immediate improvement in her skin and coat, energy level, teeth and gums. She acquired a natural resistance to fleas and ticks, and her early signs of arthritis disappeared.

Brandi and her people moved to Pickering, Ontario in 2006. Now 11 years old, Brandi had arthritis from an old injury and urinary incontinence. Karin, the owner of Biopaw, turned to natural supplements for these ailments; with great results. However, never being able to find one store for all of Brandi’s raw food and natural supplements started the search online. No CANADIAN online pet stores at that time, only US. And from there it all began!

Brandi enjoyed her role as Chief Inspector and tester as we brought in Canadian-made treats to compliment the supplements and raw foods. She sat diligently at Karin’s side while Biopaw’s online store was built. In 2008 Brandi crossed the rainbow bridge. She is missed dearly, but she had an amazing life and her legacy lives on with Biopaw!

Karin started this company out of her passion for animals and all things natural. Her love for natural ways provided the motivation and now every year more amazing Canadian-made natural pet products are available. Karin left the corporate world to follow her dream of helping animals and their people! That’s not to say that people come second. Customer service is a top priority at Biopaw. You can contact Karin with your questions directly. She takes pride in helping find a solution for you and your companion animal.

Our Current Team

Introducing Izzi – Izzi joined our team in 2008 with the hopes of filling Brandi’s position as Chief Inspector and product tester. Well, she had no problem with the product testing(!) but she is not discerning enough to give any valuable feedback; she loves everything!

Izzi was adopted from Speaking of Dogs Rescue in Toronto when she was 6 months old. She has been fed a raw food diet since then and is a big chewer. Her specialty here at Biopaw has become ‘Test Chewing’. We give her a new product and time her. You’ll see comments through the ‘Chews’ section telling how long it took Izzi to chew. That will help if you have a tough chewer in your family.

Introducing Chaya – In the fall of 2009, we started to think Izzi needed some dog companionship. We reached out to Speaking of Dogs Rescue again to find us the perfect match. As the story goes, they didn’t have the right dog just yet. But, in the meantime, ‘would we be interested in fostering a puppy? Just short-term.’ ‘Diva’ (original name) was only 12 weeks old and was living at the doggy daycare. We brought her to our home to introduce her to Izzi. It’s a short story from here because Izzi LOVED her and we didn’t want her to go to anyone else! We adopted her, named her Chaya and fell in love with her.
Chaya has proven to be far more discerning in her taste for treats; we have a new Chief Inspector!