Natural Insect Repellents

Natural Insect Repellents for Dogs:

Many pet owners are asking about natural options for protecting their pets from fleas, ticks and mosquitoes. There are many choices but the best is the product that will work for you and your routine. Now it’s not as easy as applying once a month, you are going to have to start thinking about it every day. Here’s an overview of the natural products available:

Topical Sprays – apply to your pet’s coat before going out for a walk. Repel fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, black flies, etc.

Diatomaceous Earth (DE) – fine powder from a hard shelled marine algae, can be applied directly to your pet’s coat, bedding areas and yard. It’s an entirely inactive substance that works physically by injuring the tiny pests’ outer layer causing them to dehydrate and die.

Ready to start browsing? only has one product listed in the category Flea & Tick Repellents. That’s Mozi-Q because it is Health Canada approved, as a homeopathic taken internally. Follow the link from there to Natural Outdoor Sprays. That section includes effective topical sprays.

Why so cryptic? We do not carry any products that have a PMRA (Pest Management Regulatory Agency) number issued by Health Canada, therefore we cannot use any of the following words: insect, pest, bug, flea tick, repellent, etc. The Pest Control Products Act denies the promotion and sale of any pest control product that is not registered. A product cannot get a PMRA number in order to make those claims unless it contains a registered controllable active ingredient (such as DEET or other pesticides)! No product can be labelled with repellent claims or use the above words, without the PMRA #. Therefore, any natural product using proven safe, human grade ingredients, herbs, essential oils, etc. will never be allowed to be promoted as repellents or pest control of any kind for humans or pets in Canada. The U.S. does not have this regulation. So we get creative! We must not use any of these regulated words to describe, sell or promote.

So, we announce our category… Natural Outdoor Sprays. You’ll have to read between the lines as you browse as all insect names are removed or replaced. Just know that we are here to support your choice to avoid coating your beloved pets in insecticides and other harsh compounds. As always if you would like some assistance, just give us a call, toll free @ 1-888-3-BIOPAW, we’re happy to help!